Get ready to switch to HTTPS!

Starting in July, with the next version of Google Chrome (68), Google will display all web pages that are using an HTTP address as ‘NOT SECURE’. Over time, sites without HTTPS will be seen as a negative in Google’s search engine and this will ultimately affect your organic search ranking.

Think about the consequence of having ‘NOT SECURE’ on the top of your browser when a visitor considers filling out a lead gen form. I’m pretty sure you won’t see that page convert like it used to.

Not sure what HTTPS is?
The ‘S’ stands for Secure. It means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted.

4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Website to HTTPS

1) Security
HTTPS protects your website by encrypting forms, transactions (such as credit cards), and unsecure URL paths (images).

2) SEO
Google will give an SEO ranking boost to secure sites with HTTPS. And conversely, overtime, sites still on HTTP with be seen as a negative and security risk and will slide in ranking.

3) Ecommerce
HTTPS is a must-have if your site includes any kind of ecommerce.

4) Affordability
Historically, it has been expensive to secure your site with an SSL certificate, but in this rapidly changing world of the web, switching to SSL is now practical and affordable.

Is your site ready?
We suggest that you make getting your site secured with an SSL certificate an item on your March to-do list.

Making a seamless switch over to HTTPS will involve several steps to ensure it is done properly, if you are interested in have Radar Marketing Group do this for you, contact Bill Smith today for more info.

William Smith