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Start Powering Up Your Energy Brand.

The energy category has been transformed from a predictable, highly regulated industry into an intensely competitive free-for-all for market share. Both consumers and businesses have more choices than ever and can be confused about what’s best for their specific needs.

Decision-makers in homes and businesses are often uncertain about what to use, how much to use, how much to pay for it, how to conserve it, where to buy it… and more. They hunger for guidance. And, increasingly, they’re trying to be more responsible in their energy usage.

We believe that there are significant business-building opportunities for energy providers which assume a leadership role in providing guidance, reassurance and actionable information to businesses and consumers.

At Radar Marketing Group, we’ve learned these valuable lessons from working with clients including Sandri Oil, Sandri Sunoco, New England Wood Pellet, Wagner Forest and others.

For New England Wood Pellet (NEWP), we helped our client to achieve unprecedented growth and regain its position as the #1 pellet manufacturer in the country. Our head-to-toe rebranding of NEWP quickly built a powerful perception of being the category leader and innovator… and provides much needed information and reassurance to consumers.

William Smith