Convenience Store Marketing

Ever wonder what goes into making a product label? Often times, we’re tasked with projects that require the combination of many images to create the desired result. This example, a label design for a gas station coffee dispenser, took four images, a bit of Photoshop expertise, and a lot of patience to make. Our goal was to make sure the label quickly and easily conveyed the products being sold, in a busy convenience store location. The images used were:

  • Coffee Cup
  • Iced Coffee
  • Red Background
  • Blue Background
  • Steaming Coffee (not used in final design)

The label was designed to be easy to read in a busy convenience store location.

You can see by looking at the original images used, compared with the final design, there were multiple effects used to create the label. We started by putting the two background images together and modifying their hues/saturation. Then we distorted and warped the iced coffee cup to make it match the same perspective as the hot coffee image, and also added in more clear cup along the top edge. After that came the hot steam on the hot coffee cup, which was a 10 step process with filters, layers, blurs and several more Photoshop effects. We also did the cappuchino label too. Making the frothy logo was quite a challenge!

William Smith