New Tactics for Link Building

With Google’s recent Penguin update still fresh on the minds of bloggers and internet marketers world-wide, savvy SEO’s are fleeing from link building practices of the past, and instead opting to take a more penguin-friendly approach to promoting their web properties.

The dust has now settled and some clear signals have emerged regarding Penguin’s dismantling of what Google’s resident “spam cop” Matt Cutts labeled “web spam”, and now high volume of low-quality backlinks from unreliable resources is no longer acceptable for today’s post-penguin SEO landscape.

Popular linking tactics involving paid blog and content networks have now gone the way of the dinosaur. I embrace and applaud this devaluation of link farms.

If traditional strategies are no longer relevant, then what’s all this new-found jubilance all about? This is a simple question to answer when you observe the current trends. Smart webmasters have seen this coming for months, and started preparing for it in advance.

There is a major swing towards social interaction. The savvy SEO has learned that ‘link building’ has become much more about ‘relationship building’ than about anchor text optimization and complex link wheel schemes.

Search engine algarithms have improved greatly since the days when ezines and other such self-promotional strategies ruled the web. The new SEO landscape of “making friends” and “getting influential bloggers to notice you” (and link out to you) has become standard operating procedure for those hoping to dominate the SERPs for specific keyword niches.

The successful search engine optimizer has now become something more akin with what we used to call “do-gooders”. Modern Internet Marketers have become adept at being generous with “outbound” linking practices; and when done consistently, large percentages of them will reciprocate the generosity and link back as well.

Self-produced mass link spam is no longer the powerhouse link generator it once was. In the current post-penguin era, generosity and relationship building is the new norm.


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William Smith