Four Components of a Viral-Worthy Blog Post

Is your business new to blogging? That’s alright, it’s not too late to get into the game. In fact, your potential customers are crawling all over the web right now looking for content that is relevant to your business and what you do! A blog is an excellent way to draw traffic to your website and increase your web presence. Unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated than simply slapping some words up on a page; a blog must be carefully planned and contain quality content.

So what makes a successful blog post?

The following outlines the four most important components of a successful, viral-worthy blog post.

Include a little eye candy!

It has been proven again and again that people are far more likely to read something if it is accompanied by a photo. It may be a bit sad that most people are not driven enough to tackle a big wall of text, but facts are facts. Cater to your visually sensitive audience by including one or two quality photographs or interesting illustrations with your blog post and you’ll see the time spent on individual blog posts increase dramatically. More time spent reading a single page leads to a larger sense of commitment toward a single website which can lead to more clicks and ultimately, more sales.

Interesting, Quality Content

You might think that this point goes without saying, but you would be surprised at the amount of drivel posted up around the web. Many websites write short, grammatically incorrect posts which are riddled with spelling errors and scattered with keywords hoping that the errant browser will stumble upon the blog and point the user in the direction of the website’s homepage. This could not be farther from the truth! While the occasional user is often snagged by a catchy blog title, if they find that the content is not of a high quality, or has too many errors, the blog’s website will be instantly discredited and the user will more likely than not browse away from the site or simply exit their internet explorer window. You want your blog post to impress, inform, and interest the reader. They should feel compelled to purchase from you or explore the rest of your site after reading it.

Include links

Whether they are links to other parts of your blog, or to other similar websites, links are important to a successful blog post. Not only do they increase the likelihood that a search engine will find your blog post, but they give your blog the feeling of being connected to the larger interweb community. Your reader will feel that there are some options during their read, a little interactivity to break up the reading. Remember, of course, to test each link when the post is published – broken/missing links can be embarrassing and unprofessional! They have the added disadvantage of discrediting your website, as well. And make sure that when you are building your links within a blog post that you set them to open a new, separate window rather than encouraging your reader to navigate away from your site completely!

Identify yourself!

You are the authority when you are writing your blog post and this is your time to shine! Use your blog as an opportunity to introduce yourself to your readers and exhibit your expertise on the subject which you are writing about. This can have the added benefit of making your reader feel a connection with the blog post; once they get a sense of identity about the author, they may feel as if they are reading the words of a friend or colleague. When given a sense of “you”, trust is built between you and your reader in your website and your brand, as well as bring them back occasionally to check for updates.

To help you remember these points, think of your blank blog post as a deserted island which you are designing. First, spruce it up with something lovely to look at; a palm tree here, a cozy island hut over there. Photographs have a power over readers to increase their interest in your blog! Next, put a bocce ball court right in the middle of your island – you want your readers to have fun reading your blog post so fill it with the most interesting and relevant content that you can conjure up! Third, no blog post should be an island at all, so build bridges on your island by scattering quality links throughout the post. And finally, name your island after yourself by including a short bio at the end or by introducing yourself early on in the post.
Keep these tips in mind and you will be well on your way to building a better blog and fostering a happier, more dedicated readership.


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William Smith